Philosophy of Teaching


My main guitar: Custom Carvin FG1S

Simply stated my philosophy is this:

Anyone can learn to play the guitar if they are consistent with practicing and persevere in continuing lessons.

The truth is that most people do not follow this advice.  Consequently, that’s why they do not play guitar as well as they’d like to.

Life is hectic. That means it will be very easy for you to take lessons and rarely practice. But it is impossible to reach your goals if you aren’t practicing with regularity.

The learning process requires a lot of exploration on the instrument and practice not only to reinforce mental concepts but to enable finger dexterity and muscle memory. It’s just not possible to become a good player if you rarely practice!

Another common mistake I often see is student’s stop taking lessons for poor reasons. If you take the time to contact me, you’re doing so because you have an internal desire to play and perform on the guitar.  You’re contacting me because you are inferring that I can help you reach your goals.  The worst thing you can do is quit!

Things will happen on a week-to-week basis that will try to derail you from persevering in taking lessons. The proper attitude is one which exhibits patience and perseverance and stays committed to practicing regularly. If you practice and continue with lessons, you will succeed. If you don’t practice or quit, the probability of your success is small.