Guitar Lessons


Why hire me?

I am a unique instructor because I have an intimate knowledge of the fretboard. I have devised a system using visual references combined with an understanding of intervals that will help you navigate the fretboard in any key and integrate your understanding of melody, scales and harmony to create the kinds of sounds you want and the freedom you desire to play over the whole fretboard. If you’re feeling stuck in one position or with one scale, I can help you understand how to apply scales and play them anywhere you like.

I also have experience with all styles of music. I can transcribe anything you want to learn by ear and teach it to you and help you understand what’s happening, melodically and harmonically.

The best reason to hire me is because I have the skills and resources to teach you what you would like to know. I am an experienced and knowledgeable teacher.

General Lessons Info

Lessons are administered in my home in Cranston, RI. I offer lessons in all styles including pop, folk, rock, jazz, fusion, blues, and classical.  All styles, ages and skill levels are welcome for lessons.  All you need is a guitar and a pick, I have everything else here.

Lessons are either 30mins, 45mins, or 60mins.  For your first month, take one of the following discounts (a 20% discount):

-Four 30min lessons for $74
-Four 45min lessons for $100
-Four 60min lessons for $128

After that, my regular fees are:

$23 for 30min lessons
$32 for 45min lessons
$40 for 60min lessons

Call 508-202-1032 to discuss your goals today.